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Joseph Cannillo
Joseph Cannillo
University of Bari

Joseph Cannillo is a Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Herbologist with over 25 yrs of clinical experience in Italy and for the past 20 yrs is conducting research and heading a private research laboratory with two Universities in Italy (University of Bari and Catania) on the action of herbal extracts on epigenetic pathways in Cancer and Metabolic Syndrome. His expertise is also in increasing the bioavailability of herbal active principles through nanotechnology. A graduate of LIU with a BS in Medical Biology (Cytology) and a MS/PhD in Molecular Genetics. He also received a DC degree from NYCC in 1988. He has been teaching Herbal and Functional Medicine to physicians in Post Grad. courses in Italy and Spain for the last 20 years. He is a laboratory mentor and professor for graduate students from the Biology dept. of the University of Bari for there Graduate thesis on the action of herbals on Epigenetic Metabolic Pathways.

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