Unani Herbal Medicine

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Unani Medicine additionally called as Yunani Medicine, Unani-tibb, which incorporates Ilaj-Bil-Tadbeer wa Ilaj-Bil-Ghiza (Regimenal Therapy), Ilaj-Bil-Advia (Pharmacotherapy), Ilaj-Bil-Yad (Surgery). Unani sedate is an out of date course of action of pharmaceutical that uses a wide blended pack of schedules for diagnosing and treating different helpful conditions. According to Unani thinking the prosperity and sickness of a man depends on the immunity of the body. They are Dam (Blood), Balgham (Phlegm), Safra (Yellow bile), Sauda (Black bile).

  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Regimenal Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Normalization of humors
  • Normalization of tissues & organs

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